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While trying to survive and overcome personal grief at the loss of my spouse and a close call to losing my mother shortly after, I found my own spiritual path and commenced an unexpected journey of self discovery.

Thru this search to understand and find my true purpose, I came to realize I had finally found what I had been searching for so long - inner peace.  Whether it be Past Life Regression, Soul Coaching, Reiki, Energy Medicine or Emotional Freedom Technique they all have the same thing in common, the message is always the same. 


                                                              ' Search Within 

As a Past Life and Soul Coach, I work from the premise that you already have the answers within you. I just guide and assist you through the constant noise of everyday life and encourage you to tune in to that very wise inner voice essence that we call your “soul”.


Your soul knows the truth - past and present, it knows who you truly are, it knows instinctively what to do, your job is just to listen.


I use innovative healing techniques, interactive guided visualization and meditation with specific questions so you may allow yourself to receive and listen to the messages your soul is trying to send. It has always provided you guidance, it is that little voice in your head which tells you right from wrong and provides insight and intuition which we sometimes choose to ignore.  It has all the answers you are seeking for, you just need to reach deep inside and get them, it never lies. No other person knows you like you know yourself, no other person is as wise about you as you are. I will support you thru this wonderful journey.


I' was formally trained by Denise Linn an internationally renowned author and teacher in the field of self development. She has written and published over 20 books with Hay House Publishing. She has been my mentor, my teacher and an above all a true example of forgiveness.  I quote her many times on her books whether in my website, workshops and my presentations as I truly believe her approach is unique and her beliefs are genuine.

  My approach is to gently guide you thru understanding, compassion and most of all forgiveness to reach that beautiful unique inner being with immense potential for love of self. Learning to reach within to get all the answers to the past and the present will assist you to shift energy and allow you to tune in to your soul’s calling.  I will provide you with tools which you can use everyday to help you deal with stress and be able to determine what is really important. Be able to assess your state of mind to ascertain where your heart and how you will allow that to affect you or most important not affect you. Joy, honour and forgiveness of self are your greatest tools.

I found and have so much passion for this process, it would be my honour to gently guide you thru this search so you may find, your mission and that inner love which resides within yourself.




Adele Bentivegna CSC CPLC

Certified Past Life Coach ®

Certified Soul Coach ®

Reiki Practioner

Energy Medicine Practioner

EFT Practitioner


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