Awaken Your Soul


Your breath is your connection to your being, you rely on it not just for your physical survival but your spiritual as well. 
Try this very brief exercise.

                   ~        Sit or lie down, whatever feels more comfortable ( if you are able, choose a quiet spot ).

                   ~         Close your eyes, gently commence to relax and just breathe.

                   ~         Feel each and every breath as it fills your lungs.

                   ~         Imagine, beautiful and sweet, purifying air coming into your lungs, filling them with health.

                   ~         As you exhale imagine that you are freeing your body of toxic pollutants both physical and emotional.

                     ~         You may do this exercise as long as you wish, if your mind drifts, try counting each breath.

                   ~         As you breathe you are allowing your body to concentrate just on that, not all the activities of your day.

                   ~         When you are done, open your eyes and observe the calmness you have gained by just concentrating on your breathing.


You can do this in a brief time - 5 minutes it is all it takes to do this exercise, each time you get stressed, anger

creeps in or just to sync your body and mind.  Now enjoy that wonderful calmness you have earned by just breathing.

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