Awaken Your Soul

Past Life Regression Sessions

It has been estimated that more than one third of the population today believe in past lives. Many describe feelings of familiarity which are simply too deep and forceful to be explained by experiences they remember from this lifetime.

Soul Coaching teaches you simple technique that will allow you – or someone working with you to inter into other dimensions. 

Past life Soul Journey techniques are effective for understanding your life in view of the far past.  They are also useful for activating hidden talents and abilities. 

Many present day difficulties emerge in order to address issues that have gone unresolved through lifetime after lifetime.  The issue is not so much the traumas that occurred in past lifetimes, as much as the negative decisions surrounding the event that were suppressed at the time and thus became lodged in the energy field.  It is the subsequent beliefs regarding that past life event, which cause the recurring problems that persist through one reincarnation.

 You will learn the following:

           There are No Victims – Only Volunteers

                   ~   No matter what kind of experiences a person has had in this life or previous ones, it is empowering

                        to remember that all of them were chosen.  Every mistake that was made, all deeds that were

                        done – both noble and ignoble were necessary for learning and growth of your soul.

           Forgiving Past Life Circumstances

                  ~   One of the benefits to be derived from Past Life Soul Journeys comes from forgiveness that can be

                       experienced during a session.  Healing is often made possible as part of forgiving the past, thus

                       healing present hurts.

             You don’t know the whole story

                  ~   Everything that you have done (or has been done to you has been important for the evolution of

                        who you are. Forgiving yourself and others helps you to become a force for healing.

             Releasing Guilt from Past Lives

                 ~  There is no cause for guilt for any past life experience you have had. It is important toacknowledge

                      all Past Lives actions, without judgment or suppression

 Thru guided meditation, same as with a Soul Journey you are gently guided to get answers to your questions.

                 *   We commence by gently determining what you are searching for, sometimes, things come to you without

                      even thinking about it or something totally different will come up.

                 *   We will utilize relaxation and visualization techniques to allow you to relax

                 *   You are in control the whole time and can stop any time you wish - I will always respect your wishes

                 *   You will be completely aware of what is occurring while on the Past Life Regression

                 *   Once you have completed your journey and you have received your answers you will awaken fully refreshed.

                 *   You will remember everything while you were in a meditative state, some things become more clear,

                      as you analyze what you remember.

                    *   There are times where places which felt familiar to you, but you know you were never there before -  all

                      of the sudden you understand their meaning.


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