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REIKI Session

Every practitioner has a different method for a session. Due to the other modalities I practice, I tend to provide a combination of them,

so when you come for a Reiki  Session you are receiving multiple benefits, pending on what your body might require at the time.

Reiki uses 5 primary working premises or assumptions

           ~  There is an energy of many unique properties, some of which are applicable to both medical and psychological conditions

           ~  This  energy has a source

           ~  This source can be contacted and tapped

           ~  A person can be easily taught to utilize this energy

           ~  The effects of applying this energy are palpable, although subjective

Basic Session:  1 hour 

           *  We review what you would like to accomplish with the treatment.

           *  You don't need to tell me where your pain is, the healing occurs where it is needed.

           *  You may either sit or lie down to receive the treatment, you do not need to disrobe.  

           *  My hands usually tell me when I need to release or focus on a certain part of the body.

           *  Your body will know what it needs, it will advise and react accordingly.

           *  I like to commence with a very brief guided meditation to relax you and for you to get into your body.

           *  The session takes about an hour, pending on your body's  need, I follow what your body tells me.

           *  When we are finished we can discuss the treatment, any questions and how you feel.



Combination Session:1 and 1/2 hours

           *  Your receive the same benefits as in the Basic Treatment except we spend additional time on Meditation and

               discussion, pending on your need, I provide you extra coaching techniques which will be of benefit to you.

           *  We will spend half an hour on guided meditation and visualization to concentrate on areas of concern

                (  visualization is a great tool to focus on certain problem areas )

           *  Upon completion of treatment we discuss and can review additional techniques which you might benefit

               from and can utilize on your own.

           *  My focus with this combination treatment is to assist you in as many ways as possible to benefit your well being

               and get you started on your path to a healed body.

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