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Awaken Your Soul

Most us think that relaxing our mind, is reserved for those priviliged few who have learned to control it, this can not be further from the truth.  The ability to relax our mind is all well within our reach, you do not require any special talent nor place, it is all within our own capability to accept that we can control our thoughts, just as we control our actions.

Try this brief relaxation technique with me.


                   ~         Sit or lie down, whatever feels more comfortable ( if you are able, choose a quiet spot ).

                   ~         You can do this with soft music of without, whatever your preference, sometimes music

                              soothes your mind and relaxes your thoughts.
                   ~         Close your eyes and very gently commence to relax and just breathe.

                   ~         Feel each and every breath as it fills your lungs. Concentrate only on your breath for a

                              few minutes -  if you count each one it will assist you in relaxing and calming your mind

                   ~         Once you feel your mind and thoughts have calmed down, concentrate on relaxing every part

                              of your body

                   ~         Commence with your feet, then your legs, proceed to your thighs, your back, your arms,

                              your hands, the back of your neck and head,  your forehead, your eyes, your ears, relax your jaw

                              ( you will realize you are probably clenching your teeth).

                   ~         Treat every part of your body with love, kindness and respect, thank each and every part for taking

                              you where you need and want to go everyday, for the wonderful gift of breathing, walking,

                              touching, tasting, listening and speaking.

                   ~         Take one, two, three deep breaths and fully relax after each one.                           

                   ~         As you feel your body relax, realize how comfortable and beautiful this feeling is, all tension

                              gone and your body in a beautiful state of relaxation.

                   ~         Keep relaxing for a few minutes longer, when you are ready, gently come back to the present.

                   ~         You may do this, any time of day and remember, it doesn't require a long time,  just set your

                              'intention ' to relax