Soul Coaching Programs Overview

Awaken Your Soul

28 – Day Soul Coaching Program

This program was developed by Denise Linn, spiritual healer, renowned lecturer, and visionary. She has appeared extensively on television ( Oprah ), and has a regular radio show on Louise Hay House Radio, where she brings her unique style and insight. She is a best-selling author of numerous books, including, Sacred Space, Feng Shui for the Soul, Soul Coaching and many others. She has travel extensively in search of healing traditions from cultures around the world. I had the unique opportunity to train with this amazing teacher; she is my mentor and guide on this wonderful journey which I would love to share with you.

The 28 – Day Soul Coaching Program is a powerful program which anyone can do. It is a process that takes you to your spiritual source and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your everyday Life. The aim is to align your spiritual life with your outer life. It assists you to clear away mental and emotional clutter so you can hear the messages from within.

   Your Soul is the essence of every human being. It is infinite, eternal and universal.

This 28-day program is a transformational journey of cleansing and connection to your inner being. It is designed to balance, align and invigorate your life.  It is divided into four one-week periods with each week dedicated to one of the four elements and the four corresponding aspects of self:


                        Days 1 – 7       are devoted to the properties of Air and are focused on Intellectual Self

                                                   ~  clearing your mental and physical clutter

                                                   ~  accessing your intuition and identifying your limiting beliefs

                                                   ~  taking empowering actions and aligning your life with your core values

                                                   ~  exploring your soul’s mission and creating space in your life.

                        Days 8 – 14    are devoted to the properties of Water and are focused on Emotional Self

                                                   ~  deep cathartic work to release victim-thinking and exploring energy levels

                                                   ~  assessing relationships and reframe life experiences

                                                   ~  connecting with yourself as a child and being in gratitude while creating flow in your life.

                        Days 15 – 21  are devoted to the properties of Fire and are focused on Spiritual Self 

                                                   ~  more deep cathartic work to confront fears and embrace your ‘shadow self’

                                                   ~  being present, taking risks, awakening your creative spirit and igniting your life.    


                        Days 22 – 28  are devoted to the properties of Earth and are focused on Physical Self  

                                                   ~  connecting, detoxifying, nurturing your body and inspiring your physical surroundings                                                                                   ~  connecting with nature and awakening the natural forces within you.

                        Integration Week -  this is the fifth week of the program, it allows revisiting any part of the program

                                                               or a particular week you might feel you need to “revisit”

For each of the 28 days there are practical, fun and transformational exercises that are divided into 3 levels, which you can choose according to your time availability:

                        Level 1:  usually requires 15-30 minutes of your day

                        Level 2:  (includes doing Level 1) usually takes 30-60 minutes of your day

                        Level 3:  (includes doing Level 1 & 2) takes a long as is required.

We will walk together as you discover and allow your soul to grow and your spirit to soar. This is my personal commitment to you with any of the programs or sessions.