Soul Journey Sessions

One of the most potent aspects of Soul Coaching is the Soul Journey. This type of guided meditation allows you to sink deep beneath

everyday life into the realm of inner truth.  In the quiet sanctity of the Soul Journey, long sought answers arise easily and effortlessly.

                 Here is an overview of the stages of a basic Soul Journey:

                   *  We find out what it is you would like to work on

                   *  I will explain the process

                   *  We will utilize relaxation and visualization techniques to allow you to relax

                   *  You are in control the whole time and can stop any time you wish, I will always respect your wishes


 You will be completely aware of what is occurring while on the Soul JourneyOnce you have completed your journey and you have

  received your answers from your guide, we review and discuss in detail.

Soul Coaching Collage Workshops - (may be done in conjunction with Soul Journey Sessions)

There are a vast array of terms used to describe this kind of process:

                      ~  Vision Board 

                      ~  Treasure map

                      ~  Manifestation Board

The creation of a Soul Coaching Collage is an inner journey that allows your soul to speak to you. It’s voice can be heard through theimages,feelings and insights that surface from creating this kid of collage. Layer after layer of deeply hidden messages about who you are and whoyou are becoming – can be uncovered

This process initiates a spiritual awakening… and then by meditating upon the completed collage, you open the door to even deeper levelsof communication with your soul.

There is something magical about the synergistic energy of a group of people working together – within the same space as they create their collage – that intensifies the awareness of their deepest hopes, dreams and visions.

I gather a small group of people take into account the Feng Shui of the space to allow energy and creativity to flow.  These workshops areusually held on weekend days.

I provide all the materials (posters boards, magazines, recycled card, glue, markers, scissors, scrapbook paper and assorted embellishments).

Collages you might want to consider:

                      ~   Health and Wellness

                      ~   Abundance and Prosperity

                      ~   Relationship and Joy

                      ~   Manifestation - Law of Attraction and  Spirituality

                      ~  Problem Solving and Decision Making

                      ~  Rite of Passage Celebration or  Honoring another

There are as many variations as you wish to consider.  This programs is provided as part of my 28 – Day Soul Coaching Program, it works wonders.

Interpreting the Soul Coaching Collages is an exciting stage of the process. However interpretation is very personal.  As the instructor,

I encourage the group to first and foremost trust their own inner knowing.  We will discuss interpretive methods to provide additional

insight into possible ways to ‘read’ the boards. However as always, the person who best knows the meaning is YOU the one who created it.

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